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Welcome to Your Visual Storytelling Journey - Initial Production Brief

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Prior preparation prevents poor performance and this perfectly applies to video production. At CMPNZ, before any camera starts rolling, we believe great videos are created through preparation, planning and communication. This guide below is designed to ensure that everyone involved in the video creation are aligned from the start of the production process. So, if you are thinking about commissioning a video read on. We look forward to receiving your wonderful brief!

Welcome to Your Visual Storytelling Journey

1. Introduction & Objectives:

  • About You and Your Vision: Share a brief introduction about yourself and your company. What's the story you want to tell through this video? Whether it's for branding, marketing, or internal communication, let us understand your purpose.

2. Audience & Message:

  • Connecting with Your Audience: Who is this video for, and what reaction are you hoping to elicit? Understanding your audience helps us craft a message that resonates.

3. Creative Direction & Distribution:

  • Bringing Your Vision to Life: Do you have a specific style or theme in mind? Is there a brand book, or style guide, are there digital assets to be provided? Where will this video be showcased? Whether it's social media, television, or another platform, your distribution strategy is key. Do you have any references or sources of inspiration that you would like to share?

4. Budget & Timeline:

  • Crafting Within Your Means: Share your budget range and project timeline. This helps us align our production plan with your financial and scheduling expectations.

5. Collaboration & Decision Making:

  • Working Together: Who will be involved in the decision-making process? Understanding our roles ensures a smooth and efficient collaboration.

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