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Our services are based around delivering targeted creative content.

We can support you no matter what the scale of your project.

Video Production

Video production is the bread and butter of CMPNZ. With planning and targeted strategy we engage your audience across the ever evolving  and exciting digital landscape. This includes television and social media channels such as Tik Tok, Youtube & Youtube Shorts, LinkedIn, Instagram Reels and Instagram Stories.


From  stunning product to  portraits we have the skills to deliver  the imagery for your campaign.

Production Support

CMPNZ has provided production support on projects such as independent short films to major motion pictures such as 'The Royal Treatment' and most recently 'Uproar'.

Gear, Crew and Talent

CMPNZ has various camera and lighting gear available.  It can also provide the expertise required to operate the gear.  CMPNZ  has a strong network to crew and talent in the local area. CMPNZ is accredited in Davinci Resolve and is currently running Playtech's 'Kracken' as a post-production system. Don't hesitate to let us  know what your needs are.

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