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CMPNZ's Night Shoot: A Showcase of ScreenDUNEDIN Talent

Thursday, 29th of June saw actors Jason Holden and Rimu Donovan shoot a scene for Jason's screen acting portfolio. Both actors are part of ScreenDUNEDIN, a collective committed to refining screen acting skills within the Otago region.

ScreenDUNEDIN champions continuous learning and skill enhancement, focusing on relaxation, engagement, humour, and communication. The group fosters creative risk-taking and confident decision-making, essential elements in collaborative filmmaking.

This CMPNZ shoot was a chance for Jason and Rimu to put these principles into practice. Jason, keen to expand his portfolio, found the experience particularly rewarding. The scene they filmed showcases their growth as actors with the skills they've honed in their weekly sessions.

The scene saw Jason as a New Zealand detective named John, and Rimu as a witness named Mike. The compelling NZ Neo-Noir scene is now available for viewing here:

We're confident you'll be as captivated by Jason and Rimu's performances as we were during the shoot.

For more updates on ScreenDUNEDIN's activities, follow u them on [Facebook]( and [LinkedIn](

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