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Authentic Business Location Photography with Soundcreature Interactive

Business headshots don't have to be generic and formulaic affairs.

Nestled in Dunedin, Soundcreature Interactive stands as a nexus of audio excellence. Led by veteran creative Paul Fox, this full-service audio production company has been a cornerstone in the realm of interactive media. Paul Fox, with a career spanning almost three decades, has been instrumental in shaping the sounds of iconic game franchises like "Uncharted," "God of War," and "Destiny." His extensive experience includes roles at Sony PlayStation, Activision, Warner Bros. Game Audio, and Naughty Dog.

Recently, CMPNZ had the privilege of shooting with Paul through a bespoke business headshot session. Recognising the nature of their work, CMPNZ knew that a traditional studio setting wouldn't suffice. Instead, they brought their lenses to the heart of Soundcreature's creative process – their studio.

This on-location shoot allowed CMPNZ to encapsulate Soundcreature Interactive's environment, where every cable, console, and corner tells a story of audio artistry. The headshots aim to be a narrative of Soundcreature Interactive's expertise, personality, and their dynamic place of work.

CMPNZ's approach to this project is an example of their storytelling through imagery. Discover more about CMPNZ's creative services at CMPNZ.

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